Teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening

Everybody would like a brighter smile. Teeth gradually darken with age, made worse by tobacco, coffee and red wine. Teeth whitening can be the simplest, kindest and most effective way of enhancing and brightening your smile.

At Smile for life, we offer a professional whitening system, for use at home to allow you full control over the degree of whitening you experience.

With Zeta’ home tooth whitening from only £199.

A brighter, whiter smile can make you look good and feel great.

Home tooth whitening from Zeta is an affordable and effective way to whiten your teeth and give you confidence in your smile – not just for those special occasions, but every day.

Whether you’re after dazzling white teeth or simply interested in bringing your teeth back to their natural whiteness after staining from coffee, red wine, smoking or foods, the treatment is suitable for most people and more effective that kits you can buy in the shops.

Your Zeta dentist will guide you on using the system, achieving the desired results and maintaining your lovely new smile.

Results will vary depending on the natural shading of your teeth and the level of discolouration and staining present prior to the procedure. Results also tend to be greater if you have visited a hygienist prior to undertaking whitening treatment.

Please note that if you are not currently a patient at the Zetadental practice you wish to attend, then you will need to visit us for a new patient assessment first. This is just so one of our dentists can check your oral health and ensure that such treatment would suit you before you take advantage of our tooth whitening system.

Also bear in mind that whilst the cost of home whitening from Zeta can be as little as £199, the total cost of treatment may vary depending on whether you require a new patient assessment or want a hygienist appointment before you start whitening treatment, any special promotions offered by individual practices, as well as which home whitening product your Zeta dentist believes is most suitable.

Your Zeta practice will always discuss your treatment plan, the costs involved and payment options with you, so you are fully informed before you decide to go ahead with any treatment with us.