Whiter Brighter Teeth

We offer a super fast hygienist and teeth whitening service right here in London

Cosmetic Dentistry – Tooth Whitening

Zooms’ latest in-house whitening system enables us to work with you to produce a lighter, brighter smile in about an hour. The new improved Zoom 3 whitening light can lighten teeth by up to eight shades in one hour. Zoom3 is a totally painless procedure that involves just one appointment.

About – Why Zeta

Why use us?

At Zeta Dental Care we are constantly working to provide our patients with the highest possible levels of service. Our three dentists are open and approachable and have over thirty years’ worth of experience between them. We always use the best materials and the best laboratories, and our Dentists undertake regular Continuing Professional Development to ensure we are using current cutting-edge technology to offer our patients the very best in the care we provide.

So what sets us apart?

We value our patient’s opinions. We have been listening to our patients to provide responsive service to them. We hope that this will be the foundation of a better relationship between you and your dentist. We know that a visit to the dentist is never going to be popular that is why establishing a bond of trust is hugely important in making patients feel relaxed and comfortable.

Our practice offers multiple specialities under one roof. We offer orthodontics (braces) for adults and children.
With free consultations, there has never been a better time to improve your smile. We believe prevention is better than a cure, and for this reason, we offer hygiene services as well as the services of a specialist periodontist to tackle the more complex cases. We are now delighted to announce the provision of an Implantologist. 
We offer our patients all these specialities under one roof for ease and convenience.
Finally, we have an exceptional dental team. Our nurses, hygienists and treatment coordinators are all approachable, friendly and keen to make your time here as pleasant and stress-free as possible. Thousands of patients regularly visit us, and if you want to know what they say about us, please look at the Testimonials section. The team at Altmore looks forward to seeing you.

General – Nervous Patients

At Zeta Dental Care we understand that dental phobia is commonplace. Many of our patients attend for the first time with histories of bad experiences in the dental chair, notably dentists who failed to listen or understand their concerns and needs.
We pride ourselves on our ability to address and build confidence in the dental team. Our new, state-of-the-art consulting suite has been set up to allow discussion with members of our dental team so they can be conducted away from the surgery environment. A fully computerised imaging system allows discussion and photographic visualisation of procedures before treatment.
This gives patients the choice and information they need before entering the dental surgery.
Our surgery layouts are designed to be as relaxing as possible. Patient care is augmented by audio and visual accompaniment to all procedures. Patients can choose from a huge catalogue of different music played through cordless headphones. Televisions mounted in the ceilings are equipped with satellite channels, and patients have the option of watching DVDs during procedures.


At the Altmore Dental Practice, we believe that the health and maintenance of the gums and associated tissues is fundamental to promote and prolong oral health.

Gum disease is a process that takes many years to take hold, but the results are almost impossible to reverse.

It is paramount to address, treat and then monitor all stages of gum disease, from the early stages (marked by occasional bleeding of the gums) to advanced periodontitis (destruction of gum and bone tissue leading to premature tooth loss).

Our hygienists work with the dentist to plan and then provide tailored treatment to ensure total gum health. An initial consultation will start by allowing the hygienist to carry out a detailed and thorough examination of the gums.